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Study In Uganda Is Such A Revealing Experience.

Whether your study in Uganda is at one of the top Ugandan Universities or at one of the top secondary schools, you will be amazed at how much opportunity there is for you to exploit - giving you more than you could ever imagine.

Just like Joe Powell - a 23 year old student from UK, studying for a Master's degree in International Relations at Makerere University put it;

..."The life here is totally different from any thing I could get in the UK" ..."you hear opinions and views that you would not get at home and it challenges you and makes you realise that people have different opinions."

And I guess momentarily, that is what international relations is all about. I don't think you took me serious on that one but!...

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The calm and peaceful environment, the natural resource that is at your disposal and again the wonderful people - just can't stop talking about them! Sooner than later as you settle down, you will quickly appreciate the friendly folk happy to share their culture, and the relatively affordable tuition fees are just some of the bonuses of studying in Uganda.

Study in Uganda will certainly expose you to the wonders of Africa. Right in the heart of Africa with unrivalled wonderful weather, you will literally have Africa at your fingertips and besides of course some of Africa's illustrious institutions of learning renowned for their study and research in which to immerse your self.

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Kampala, the capital will take you by surprise and it has a steadily growing number of international students enrolled in schools and Universities around. These numbers are rising as the years go by. There are several universities and schools in other towns as well and the choice is yours.

Studying in Uganda is highly rewarding once you have decided on your course and selected a university that is right for you. This will take the stress out of coping with the new surroundings and probably a subject that you may have to struggle with and is not your liking.

So, for starters, pick a program that best suits you - strongly taking into account the career path you want to take, and secondly of course, be sure to have the financial support. See how far your scholarship will take you - if you have any and if you need any additional funds, you need to prepare well in time.

Studying in Uganda will certainly be worthwhile as you will realise and the quality of education in Uganda will give you that bright and prosperous future.

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Are you, just like me, Passionate about Uganda? Visit Uganda, you will love it! Until next time... Don't forget to drop me a line!


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