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Top Restaurants in Kampala - With Specialties And Fine Dining

Talk about dining! A myriad of top restaurants in Kampala come into mind - Oh, you will love the variety, the experience, the ambience and varied cuisine that will take care of your gastronomic needs.

Kampala is where you could quite easily crave and not have trouble satisfying your craving; Indian, Italian, Chinese, a good Sunday roast, anything and everything local - You will be thrilled!

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Top Restaurants in Kampala

Here's a small selection of my favourite - If you like, Top Restaurants in Kampala ...

Faze 2 (10 Nakasero Road)

Craving for a good steak or would you rather have that lovely Sunday roast? You found it boy! Set in a garden arrangement, you might have to depend on the weather man ... but trust Kampala's perfect weather turning up all the time! Faze 2 is a lovely place to dine as you listen to some good oldies - a mix of the 80s and 90s. Trust me, there is good food here ...

Cafe Javas (88-94 Yusuf Lule Road, Nakumatt Oasis Mall)

If you are running around all-day-long; shopping, business meetings, etc, and starting to run dry on an empty tank, Cafe Javas is the perfect place to do your refills. It's got good food and good service - quick bites that are freshly cooked too. If you fancy some lovely pasta for lunch - you got it! I love their espresso ... and their prices are quite friendly too. The only down side is that it gets rather busy and loud some times ... but like any famous place, that is expected!

Kati Kati (Bukoto Street)

This is perhaps a more quieter place than Javas. They are quite good with the teas - lemon, Japanese, Chinese, herbal, English, Ugandan ... name it! They do a lovely buffet (possibly not the best choice for vegetarians). I love their Chicken Tikka - that's one I would quickly recommend.

Big Mike (Acacia Avenue, Kololo)

I thought I should have this as part of the top restaurants in Kampala - Out of the ordinary eating places. It passes for a decent pub especially if you are looking for one to wind down the weekend - they will ably look after you and your friends. Great music with a good mix - Be there Thursday night ... you will love it! They do lovely food Pub food as well - perhaps the only place in Kampala where you will get a good sized burger - well worth it!

II Patio - Italian Restaurant (2/4 Kisozi Close)

Looking for something Italian? ... you got it! They do some really good pasta dishes here ... And their selection of Italian wine is probably the best you will find in town. Great ambience and the food portions are great too!

Khana Kazana (20 Acacia Avenue, Kololo)

I hope I have found some good Indian stuff for you; palak paneer, butter chicken, chapati, chicken biriyani ... that kind of food. The beauty is that they cater for vegetarians too. It's quite a famous place that pulls a bit of numbers - best is to call early to make a reservation. Trust me, the food is quite lovely and spicy ...

The Sound Cup (3rd Floor, Garden City Mall)

This is another amazing top restaurant in Kampala. You get to enjoy your lovely dinner while some smooth charming African jazz plays in the background. Good place for a first date out - There is a relaxing feeling and atmosphere about this place ... and the food is great! You could also catch their live Musical shows on Thursdays.

Fang Fang Restaurant (1, Colville Street Communication House)

Time to catch some freshly made noodles ... Fang Fang is right in the middle of town - Been here quite a few times. It's the kind of place you will be sure to enjoy a good Chinese with friends - they surely know what they are doing.

Come experience some lovely food in Kampala 

There are quite a lot of other eating places in Kampala that you probably have been to before me - Why not share you experience with us here ... Please do, we would love to hear from you - Just use the form below;

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