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Uganda Central Region - Rich in Culture and History.

Synonymous with the Kingdom of Buganda, one of the ancient African monarchies, Uganda central region has a rich still evidently preserved culture and presenting the most of Ugandan history.

The citizens of this region are arguably the most affluent in the country. A greater percentage of this is attributed to Kampala that has seen a significant population increase in the last 10/15 years through migration from other Ugandan regions. Most of these residents present a socioeconomic status that is much more than the other regions.

image placeholder Kampala - the Capital

The major towns in Uganda central region include; Masaka, Mukono, Entebbe, Mityana, Mubende and the capital, Kampala. There are many more that fall with in the respective central region districts.

image placeholder Kasubi Royal Tombs

To date there are about 24 districts in Uganda central region and this number could have gone up as I write - the rate at which new district come up in Uganda does not surprise me any more! One will say it's all political but who knows! The brighter side is; it renders more areas to regional development.

Uganda central region is known for its preserved cultural sites; notable are the Buganda Kingdom heritage sites and buildings - these include the Kasubi royal tombs that are with recognition part of the UNESCO World Heritage Sites. The region plays host to Entebbe town that is home to Entebbe International Airport and a big chunk of Lake Victoria also falls in this region.

The region is a tourist destination; lots of amazing places like the Sezibwa falls. A good number of visitors come to see the regions rich cultural heritage and also enjoy the capital, Kampala that is fast becoming one of Africa's most sought after destinations.

image placeholder Sezibwa falls

...And talking Ugandan Beer - Yes! This region is home to probably Uganda's finest, 'Bell lager', produced in Portbell, Kampala but with lots of other brands too that you will enjoy. And then of course 'Uganda Waragi' the country's house hold gin is also made in Portbell.

If you are one that loves your food, be sure to be invited to a special treat of Ugandan cuisine. This region is known for its traditional cooking and the people are proud of their food. The one thing you mustn't miss is the hearty groundnut stew. This could be mixed with mushroom, dry fish or any other vegetable and served with well steamed and mashed 'matooke' (kind of green plantain) hmm...yummy! You will love it!

Like many parts of the country, farming is the main activity of this region. With its proximity to Lake Victoria and other small lakes, it certainly enjoys the abundance of fishing - which is one of the country's major economic activities. A great portion of Uganda's tea and coffee is produced in this region too.

For one that certainly loves fun and exploring - you will definitely love this region.

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