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Uganda Hotels - Accommodation to Suit Your Taste.

Gradually the face of Uganda hotels has changed and particularly in the last 15/25 years. The rate at which new ones come up is unrivalled in the region and by world standards (putting the 'star' thing aside), you just have to stay in one of them ... and yes! Rate them; give them the stars for that matter. You will be amazed!

They are the best way to explore and get to know this beautiful country. You would certainly experience authentic Ugandan living if you stayed at one of these hotels and really enjoy your Vacation in Uganda to the fullest.

Going by the rate at which they spring up, I can't put a number to how many we have now but across the country, you are sure to find decent accommodation in Uganda in most if not all the major towns and near any of the popular tourist destinations.

Exceptional could be an understatement to describe most of the uganda hotels. Even with the ones that have stuck to the old world charm, they have gone ahead and added modern comforts like Wi-Fi Internet access or broadband - bringing the world closer to you while you are away on your vacation.

The surroundings are cosy and beautiful, just to make you feel at home. The tastes may vary for each of us but you will find some nice accommodation with a fabulous surrounding. They are equipped with all you could desire from conference facilities, a decent bar, and a gym with many having a swimming pool as a plus.

Are you visiting Uganda any time soon? Best is; not to take things for granted any more, in fact, you will be surprised that the demand for uganda hotels is so high and many times, unless your booking is done prior to your travelling, you can no longer depend on the old fashioned way of doing things - booking when you get there, you will miss out my dear!

I can confidently say, you will have many options to choose from and the thing about uganda hotels is; just about all of them are reasonably priced from as low as $60 per person per night - the price steadily goes higher as the hotels get truly more exceptional.

I have heard someone whisper....'any thing cheaper than that?' Sure, you could go lower than that but unfortunately, you will start to compromise on standards. For a decent nice cosy accommodation, $60 is cheap enough but again, I guess you could be running on a tight budget - No worries! I've got some tips on budget travelling around Uganda; there are quite a few other options to consider that could save you some £$s to make your vacation cheaper.

There are Bed and Breakfast (B&Bs) places - what many Ugandans will call 'Guests houses' and the backpackers hostels to look at. These come in handy especially if you are on budget travel but still want to enjoy your vacation to the fullest. Therefore, no need to worry.

In the Capita - Kampala, You will be spoilt for choice! Here is a 'cherry-pick'of my top 8 - never mind top 10 unique hotels in Kampala. I am afraid this list keeps growing because of the conflict in my mind but certainly this is without ranking them because that would even make me more mystified.

Check them out! You could disagree with me - better still, why not share your preferred hotel/s in Kampala using the form below.

... And this takes me thinking, .... surely someone out there might be stuck with finding the best places for honeymoon and almost calling off the wedding plans. Look no further,... and if you wish, make your discoveries in Uganda - you will be thrilled! Those Ugandan wedding memories will keep with you forever. Lots of 5 star Ugandan resorts - with some of the finest in luxury and comfort to choose from here ...

Lots of 5 star Ugandan resorts - with some of the finest in luxury and comfort to choose from here ...

I'll tell you that even with the money, the hardest bit is deciding where to go/stay but once you have done that, quickly get down to booking your favourite Uganda hotel - that puts a bit of pressure off your travel plan list of things to do and gives you a peace of mind to look forward to your holiday.

Yet to book your flight? Here is my recommended Flight Search Engine that will deliver the best deals - try it! AND If you plan to stay in a Ugandan Hotel for a few nights; Why not do a quick check here on the prices today

...And with that, I hope you have fun and I will see you around.

Just one thing though, if you have already been to some of these uganda hotels, feel free to leave a review using the form below


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