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The Uganda National Anthem - the Lyrics and Sounds!

The words and music of the Uganda National Anthem composed and written by George William Kakoma (RIP) were adopted in 1962 as the Official Anthem - just in time for the first independence celebrations of 9th, October 1962. It's simply and beautifully put together to tell; All About Uganda - you will agree with me ... and one of the shortest in the world.

The anthem is composed of 3 stanzas that are richly engrained with the true definition and features of Uganda; its beauty, richness and it's wonderful people - Quite often also, Uganda is referred to as the 'Pearl of Africa' after Sir Winston Churchhill called it so...

Usually the first 2 stanzas of the Uganda National Anthem are played on official occasions to probably cover for the shortness, otherwise all the 3 are played in the presence of the President of Uganda.

Majority of Ugandans will do the first stanza - if not just the first line; 'Oh Uganda! May God uphold thee ...' - which I find quite understandable the world over in most countries ... but they will reverently hum through as it plays..

Get to listen to the Uganda National Anthem here and sing along with these lyrics below.

The National Anthem of Uganda - the lyrics and sounds;

1. Oh Uganda! may God uphold thee, We lay our future in thy hand. United, free, For liberty Together we'll always stand.

2. Oh Uganda! the land of freedom. Our love and labour we give, And with neighbours all At our country's call In peace and friendship we'll live.

3. Oh Uganda! the land that feeds us By sun and fertile soil grown. For our own dear land, We'll always stand: The Pearl of Africa's Crown.

There you go with the National Anthem of Uganda - Hope you enjoyed it. It's such a lovely piece! Isn't it? What do you think?

'For God and My Country'

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