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Uganda News And Your Commentary

Uganda News! News? For starters, that reminds me of an old joke; depends on what you call news!

News should certainly be new - something novel, unheard of, surprising, if not shocking for that matter ... For HEADLINE's sake;

"Danny has bitten a dog" rather than the possibly usual - "Danny has been bitten by a dog" would make that headline I am talking about. Something unusual! ... And that is News for you. But that is just about how far the old joke goes!

OK, where were we?

Uganda News can be hard to find in your local newspapers (unless of course you live in Uganda) ... and on the internet? That is even more confusing because there is just about every news story on Uganda with truth that cannot be verified.

This page is your News hub for what is happening in Uganda. Remember to bookmark it! Better still, subscribe to the RSS feed here (click on the orange icon); image placeholder to get updates from my-Uganda.com.

On this page you will find;

  • Major global stories that Google News, Yahoo News and other networks pull together about Uganda from news sources around the world.

  • Local News from Uganda's leading news sources (online and e-papers)

  • A section that lets you be a reporter and/or columnist too ... There are certainly many of you enthusiasts about Uganda out there that have wonderful News/Stories about this country to share. Here is where you can do that - Share it!
  • First, though, in the News;

    Here is News from the local tabloids;

    Uganda News from global sources;

    And for the fun bit ...

    Here is where you can be part of the News!

    Express your views/ commentary on any story about Uganda you have read. Here is where you can have your say ... and also write your own News - why not? If it's something you can write home about - it's news and it belongs here.

    Use the form below and your News/Story will be read by many that subscribe to my-Uganda.com.


    Have you got some Uganda News or Comment to Share?

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    Share your News Stories and Comments here! It's quite easy to add your own Uganda News - Make your HEADLINE!

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