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Uganda Police - Securing our Lives and Property.

Uganda Police! - Perhaps not the public's favourite! ... and this could be the same the world over about police - but wait a minute, these guys certainly do a great job; keeping law and order and maintaining an orderly and decent society.

... And maybe this is the aspect of policing that most people relate to, but there is a lot more to this; gaining intelligence about criminal activities, engaging with community to build strong community policing groups and more .... Certainly the evidence of public confidence is directly linked to the police service delivery which has practical benefits.

Not surprising, it's one of the hardest jobs that while everyone is going on about their lives, the police is out there looking for any mischievous people... and without thinking about it, the general public (certainly me inclusive) never really appreciate the service of these officers.

Formed in 1899, the Uganda Police has come a long way. Starting out as the Uganda Armed Constabulary, the current police force was established under the 1995 constitution of the Republic of Uganda and charged with the advancement of stability, peace, order and adherence to the rule of law.

You will find the Police quite motivated and helpful. Generally they are efficient and accountable to the people. When you live here, you will soon realise that for a society like Uganda, it can be quite challenging to police...

The job comes with enormous challenges - not withholding the fact that the Police is perhaps one of the lowest paid civil services in Uganda.

Quite often within the force, you will find isolated cases of disrespect of human rights and unprofessionalism; where officers act ignorant of the law and appear seemingly not well trained, officers who act contrary to the police code of conduct and the glaring CORRUPTION that has without doubt been eating away sections of the force.

A lot of this will be left to your judgement but while you go about life in Uganda, you will certainly appreciate the enormous job that the Police does to keep crime off the streets and maintaining law and order.

How do I contact Police in case of emergency? I am glad someone asked.

Simply dial 999 or 112 - these numbers can be quite handy ... but also, you can easily walk into one of the Police stations and / police posts that are placed strategically in many different places throughout the country. And if you needed more information, you can drop them a line on; info@upf.go.ug

You might have a burning issue that is not necessary an emergency say; matters of community watch, a complaint about a police officer (it could be a case of misconduct and /or CORRUPTION), contact the Professional Standards Unit on these toll free lines; 0800199199, 0800199299, 0800200019.

You can also contact them on; psuhqrtrs@yahoo.com

Read more about Uganda Police here.

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