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Uganda Regions - With Characteristics That Set Each Apart!

Although not significantly administrative any more, Uganda regions still stand out. The country is divided into 4 regions. These are both geographical and historical in demarcation and clearly explain certain characteristic differences between them.

Uganda enjoys abundant natural beauty and an elegancy of unique culture, astounding tourist attractions and a startling history. The Uganda regions enjoy the variations of this natural splendour while owning certain characteristics that sets each apart from the rest.

The geographical locations of these regions of Uganda have dictated certain features that have granted each a distinctive status.

The Central Region, rich in culture and history and plays host to the Capital- Kampala ; The Northern Region, on track and rediscovering its glory; The Eastern Region, the agricultural hub; and The Western Region, presents some of the best tourist sites.

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The regions are divided into sub-regions that have a cohesive characteristic of either people that speak the same language (this could have different dialects) or united by the same cultural institution- in this case kingdoms or chiefdoms.

The sub-regions are further divided into Uganda districts that provide the administrative structure, control and development at the respective district levels but of course in collaboration with the central government.

Along the same line of administration, the districts are further divided into; sub-counties, parishes and down to the village level.

The role of administration, governance and planning is with the district councils that oversee the running and development of the district and through networking with the other districts within the sub-region, the bigger picture - the region, is enhanced.

.....But taking a more distinctive look at these regions, most of which have their own characteristic, whether you will be resident in one of these regions, or you love to know a bit more about the region before you travel there, you will find specific information about a region by visiting the links below;

Go to; the Central region Go to; the Northern region

Go to; the Eastern region Go to; the Western region

...And again, it's just about what these regions are, but when you truly visit, you will be amazed at how much they have to offer.

I can be certain that you will enjoy your travel through these Uganda regions as you capture those moments and scenes.

Don't you forget your Camera - my dear!

Fun fact;

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The Grey crowned crested crane is the national bird of Uganda.

....And did you know;

Uganda has more bird species per sq.km. than any other country in Africa. Of the about 10,000 species in the world, 1061 (10.6%) are found in Uganda, which is 46.1% of all species in Africa (2,300). Uganda has more bird species than the whole of Europe (1,000).

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