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So Where Exactly Is Uganda? Good Question!

Uganda is located in the heart of Africa, in East Africa - but let's zoom in further; it's bordered by Kenya on the east, Democratic Republic of Congo(DRC) on the west, The Southern Sudan on the north, Tanzania on the south and Rwanda on the southwest.

The Country is also known as the 'Pearl of Africa'- many times because of its beauty and amazing tourist attractions; the magnificent biodiversity - the fauna and flora, the weather and climate.

It is a land locked country and most of its international activities are dependant on its neighbours particularly Kenya and Tanzania that are its gateway to the Indian Ocean coast of East Africa for international business.

On the Map;

Map of Africa with the location and image of Uganda

Here is a more detailed Map of Uganda.

It lies between latitudes 4 degrees N and 2 degrees S (a small area is north of 4 degrees), and longitudes 29 degrees W and 35 degrees E.

The country lies across the equator and its cover is divided into; swampy low lands, fertile green plateau with forests and hills and the semi-desert region particularly in the northeast.

In the south sits the mighty Lake Victoria that it shares with Kenya and Tanzania while Lake Kyoga dominates the centre. The Victoria Nile (part of River Nile) drains from Lake Vitoria into Lake Kyoga and out into Lake Albert.

Albert Nile (also part of River Nile) drains out of Lake Albert on its way north into The Southern Sudan and further on into Egypt on its way to the Red Sea.

Gushing waterfalls on River Nile with rocks, forest growth and moss Murchison Falls

The country boasts of temperate climate with varying temperatures of 16 degrees Celsius - 26 degrees Celsius (April - November) and over 30 degrees Celsius during warm seasons (December - March).

The talk about global climate change is every where and Uganda is no exception with these effects starting to take toll with prolonged warmer/dry seasons- this is sad!

Other than that the Ugandan weather and climate is pretty much constant through out the year.

You will be surprised though at how the weather may be much cooler than you expect in some parts of the country.

There are 2 rainy seasons; (March to May) and (September to December), with the amount of rain greatly affected by Lakes and rivers and the beautiful rain forests, making the southwest corner far greener than the north and central parts of the country because of the concentration of these.

Famous of the rain forests is the Mabira forest that has been a centre of controversy; threatened with destruction after Government's intent of giving part of it away for sugarcane planting - this is so sad! My hope is that government rethinks its strategy.

Equatorial hardwood tropical rainforest in the Rwenzori, Western Uganda Equatorial hardwood rain forest in the Rwenzori

This equatorial hardwood rainforest is home to over 100 species of birds, butterflies and insects and 3 primate species let alone the other unique biodiversity it offers.

The weather and climate is also greatly affected by the several mountains that exist. These big massive mountains - some of which are regarded as extinct volcanoes contribute to the rainy seasons particularly for the areas around and some are a good source of natural mineral water.

Compared to the other regions, the north-eastern Karamoja region has the driest climate with temperature well above 30 degrees Celsius for most of the year and is prone to drought in some seasons.

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