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Ugandan Facts And General Information You Will Want To Know;

Finding Ugandan facts and general information can be frustrating let alone settling in Uganda- which can be challenging but being fore-armed with as much information can make life simple. Whether you plan to live in Uganda or planning for a short or long visit, you will just fit in!

Uganda is on the East African Time - EAT and if flying in, just set your watch to the time announced by the flight attendant so you can begin running on the correct time. Otherwise, at any border post, the clocks in the immigrations offices will be running on Ugandan time.

Better still, while you prepare for your trip, synchronise your time to run on the official time in Uganda here with the my-Uganda.com clock even before you travel.

To ask 'what is the time' in Uganda is simple- just keep it in English particularly if you are in the urban cities and towns. Many Ugandans in the cities and towns speak English. In the rural areas and villages-take some caution!

Depending on which areas you visit, it would be a great idea to learn some survival phrases and numbers (at least 1-10) in the local language. You don't have to be perfect and not that they expect you to know but you will be amazed at how it helps to break the ice.

Of course one of the very important Ugandan facts you will find here is the Ugandan Public Holidays just so that you know when to celebrate what and where. We celebrate Christmas, Easter and Muslim Eid like the rest of the world. We also cerebrate the Independence Day on the 9th October and a few others that are only recognised in Uganda.

And certainly for that memorable vacation, you will need a pleasant weather. Facts on that will come in handy. Despite being on the equator Uganda's weather and climate is more temperate because of its altitude. The climate is Tropical: generally rainy (during the months of March to May and September to November) with 2 dry seasons (December to February and June to August).

I can't seem to choose between the seasons- they all have pleasant temperatures but perhaps you would choose the dry seasons to tour and visit the country side because some of the roads will be tricky especially in the rainy seasons- You don't want to get stuck in there on your vacation. Find a full time 4x4 and you are in business!

On Average, the temperatures are between 24 - 30 degrees Celsius depending on which area you are visiting. You will be surprised at how cool some areas will be because of their altitude. The higher you go the cooler it will become- that is a fact, remember that!

Remember to familiarize yourself with the Ugandan Currency. For your information, the country's money is called the Ugandan Shilling (Ug shs) and its exchange rate to the dollar changes regularly- It's worth checking at the bank but also there are forex bureaus in most of the big towns now (Please check before you travel if a forex bureau is available in that area). An estimate would be 2500 Ug shs to 1 US dollar - this could be plus or minus!

Another Ugandan fact is that the population of Uganda has been growing for the last 10/15 years and is estimated at 34 million now. Uganda has got one of the highest population growth rates in the world standing at about 3.6% with a life expectancy of 52.7 years. These estimates have taken into account the effects of the high mortality rate in the last 15/20 years due to HIV/AIDS.

More data on the other Ugandan Facts and Figures including demographics can be found here.

Uganda's capital is Kampala . You will be pleased to find information and facts on the Capital here too. It's a wonderful vibrant city to visit when you come to the country. It's the centre of everything; commercial activity, IT, night life and intellectual excellence. Its skyline is changing day by day with new modern buildings coming up and for those that knew it in its olden-days; it's maintained its organic feel.

It is fast becoming an interesting Ugandan fact too that Ugandans love mobile phones and with African having the highest mobile phone growth rate in the world- call it a wave that is sweeping through Africa, Uganda is definitely experiencing that wave! The telecom network is unrivalled as one of the most efficient in the region with fast speed broadband access.

More than a third of Uganda's population, about 10 million, own mobile phones and many more have access to these phones through family members and neighbours. The prevailing trend is that one is just a call away! And now with the coming of new modern hi-tech mobile phones that support social networks like Facebook and Twitter, the sky is the limit!

I am particularly delighted because this is now a Ugandan fact that has improved many peoples' lives - easy communication flow of information that a mother can quickly and easily communicate to a son or daughter in the city. And that, farmers can also know the market prices of the commodities before they start negotiating with the middle men that buy their products- How amazing!

It is a pleasure to travel through Uganda with knowledge of interesting Ugandan information; facts and figures to keep you company. It is much more relaxing and gives you that feeling of having lived there before.

But as you set your goals and as you plan to go about life in Uganda; vacation, finding work, studying, marriage, starting a business and more, make sure your immigration status is up to date with the requirements and laws of the land. Follow the steps and formalities and the rest will be fun and lively.

Come see for yourself and experience the feel of Uganda - the Pearl of Africa.

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