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Ugandan Recipes with Natural, Healthy and Organic Ingredients

On the international scene, Ugandan recipes may not have featured prominently like the French or Indian, but wait a minute, ...why would some one not be excited about trying some special Ugandan food while on their memorable Ugandan vacation? I say; welcome to global cooking! It's certainly very much part of international travel.

It is indeed exciting that for some of these Ugandan recipes, you will enjoy a whole story behind them even before you try them. Don't tempt me into telling one here...Catch up on Ugandan cuisine first!

For starters, Ugandans love their food and whenever there is an opportunity, they will enjoy it and are always welcoming to any visitor to join them at the dinner table.

Don't be taken in with the diverse selection of foreign restaurants in the the Capital, Kampala including; Thai, Chinese, Turkish , English and Indian with their patented Falafel sandwiches and Doner Kebabs, there is something truly Ugandan out there, find it!

This page is the hub for Ugandan dishes. You will find a wonderful collection of some thing Ugandan that you can even try at home. As long as you don't burn your fingers, you should come through with some decent Ugandan cooking.

And who knows, ...once you become a 'star', feel free to add to this page when you discover new things about Ugandan cooking.

Try out some of these lovely recipes posted by our Ugandan Cuisine experts - Let us know how you get on; Share your experience in the comments section below.

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Ugandan Recipes


GOAT STIR-FRY - With a Ugandan twist!


Fun Facts;;

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You will be glad to know that; Uganda is known for its pineapples; sweet, juicy and mouth watering - Try them!

And don't be surprised; peanuts are called ground nuts in Uganda - hmmm!


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And Oh Yes! Lastly, please only post what you have tried and tasted. my-Uganda.com will certainly verify the recipe. Let’s keep it Ugandan.

Recipes/ Comments from other visitors

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Half Cake - Commonly known as Mandazi  
Mandazi Recipe: Ingredients: 1 kg plain flour plus extra for rolling the dough, 2-3 teaspoonfuls (tsp) baking powder or half tsp of baking soda whichever …

Cornmeal – otherwise known as Posho, Ugali, Kawunga etc 
Cornmeal otherwise known as ‘posho’ by many in Uganda is very much the house hold meal in the country, in the East African region and probably even beyond …

Preparing Matooke The Traditional Way; Not rated yet
Matooke is a special kind of plantain that is very much part of Ugandan cuisine. Some have called it 'Green Bananas' but ... Hello! This is MATOOKE made …

Bamboo shoots – commonly known as ‘MALEWA’ Not rated yet
I lived in Uganda for over 9 years in the baMasaba land and 'Malewa'(bamboo shoots) was truly Ugandan in all sense. Its preparation is done with precision. …

Ghee Sauce - commonly known as ‘ESHABWE’  Not rated yet
A perfect traditional dish prepared in Ankole that’s beautifully Ugandan! It graces most special occasions / ceremonies. It is a good sauce of vitamins; …

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