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Ugandan Rivers - Nature You Must See!

Certainly at the mention of Ugandan rivers, the mighty River Nile will take top spot as a masterpiece of Mother Nature that stands out as a tourist attraction you must see.

With its source in Jinja, it takes on different names (Victoria Nile and Albert Nile) on its way to the Southern Sudan and into Egypt showcasing probably the best scenery you will see around Uganda.

It is an artistic piece of panorama that will inspire you - if you are in search for inspiration; with its various tributaries and the striking scenes - the magnificent falls and calmness it leaves behind on its journey will certainly inspire poem writers and works of Art. It is such an international tourist attraction that attracts tourists in their thousands to Uganda.

... But this inspiration of Ugandan rivers starts in Lake Victoria; at its source, the Victoria Nile flows northwest into Lake Kyoga and out into Lake Albert. It then leaves Lake Albert as the Albert Nile making its way to the Southern Sudan and all the way to Egypt into the Mediterranean Sea. This makes it undoubtedly the longest of all Ugandan rivers.

All along the banks of the Nile you will find Ugandan people with their delightful variation in culture that have for generations lived there.

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From the map you will see that Uganda is quite well watered - in fact evenly. The list of Ugandan rivers is long and quite honestly you could struggle to talk about each of them but here I will cover the most popular... What you will find about each of them is; they carry that spectacular beauty across the country with uniqueness.

Lake Victoria receives its waters from various streams with the Kagera River the largest of them. River Ruvubu with its headquarters in Burundi feeds River Kagera (Some believe this is the true source of the mighty Nile) - on how factual this is, that is not mine to prove but you can join the search at this point ...

River Kafu (River Kabi - on some of the old maps) in the west is another of Ugandan rivers that flows into the Victoria Nile. Its source is a swamp close to the village of kitoma in Kibaale. River Katonga flows out of Lake Victoria northwards into Lake Wamala. One of its streams flows westwards into Lake George that is connected to Lake Edward by the Kazinga channel.

River Sezibwa in the southern central flows from a swampy section between Lake Victoria and Lake Kyoga via some eye-catching landscapes - notably is the Sezibwa falls, before emptying into Kyoga.

Another notable of these rivers is River Mayanja. With its source from the hills in Wakiso, Mayanja takes you through some wonderful and charming country side you ought to experience on its way before emptying into River Kafu.

River Muzizi with its lively energy all along its way will give you more of Uganda's glorious country side showcasing some enigmatic medieval landscape, the little villages and the extensive agricultural activity. It is found in the western part of Uganda northwest of the Mubende town and flows into Lake Albert.

The Zoka River is one of the tributaries that drain into the Albert Nile in the north-western corner of Uganda (region popularly known as the 'west nile'). River Aswa, River Pager, the Dopeth-Okok River and River Ora are some of the other rivers that flow through the northern part of the country.

River Sipi with its stunning sipi falls, River Semliki (close to the Semuliki National park), River Mpologoma, River Okere, River Nkusi, the list goes on .... and each with a unique beauty that will define it to circlet this richly watered country.

Enjoy the Ugandan rivers and make plenty of photos.

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