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Ugandan School Holidays and Term Dates.

What about Ugandan school holidays?

Here is what you need to know;

The Ministry of Education and Sports sets the dates for school terms and holidays for all schools and institutions under its control. A school calendar for the year is then sent out to the schools concern, which schools effectively communicate to the parents and others concern.

Independent schools or Private schools as they are commonly known in Uganda generally operate a school calendar that is similar to the one set by the ministry. They could have shorter terms and longer holidays but they try to keep within the set dates.

The higher institutions of learning - the universities and colleges, including some international schools run a different system that uses semesters rather than terms.

The Ugandan school year generally runs from early February to late November in the same year. Most schools run a three-term school year which terms are separated by 2 short holidays of about 3 weeks each.

The long Christmas holidays is right at the end of the year from late November or early December to the end of January - this usually lasts 7- 9 weeks. It comes with a good feeling of optimism for the children - lots to look forward to; the Christmas celebrations, through to new-years and then of course the excitement of joining a new class at the start of school in the new year.

Ugandan school holidays will generally have no effect on business and through the school holidays, it will be business as usual with the banks, stores, shops, public offices and facilities remaining open. But the schools will be closed.

School Holidays and Term time in Uganda.

The Primary, Secondary, Technical/Farm schools and Community Polytechnics school terms run through the year with Term 1 starting round about the last week of January or early February.

With approximately three months at school, Term 1 holiday will fall round about the end of April or early May and this will usually be about 3 weeks long. The timing of these will usually fall in line with celebrating Easter.

Term 2 will start in mid May or late May taking another approximately 3 months at school to early August for the Term 2 holiday.

Term 2 holiday will start round about early August to early September giving the children about 3-4 weeks of holiday.

Term 3 will then begin in early September through to late November for the start of the long Christmas holiday - Term 3 holiday which lasts about 7 - 9 weeks to late January or early February.

The private and public universities and other tertiary institutions run on their respective individual time tables and calendars that usually follows the semester system.

While planning all this, the Ministry of Education and Sports puts into consideration any national issues like; planned population census, national elections and more ... that may have an effect on the school terms and holidays dates.

There may be days when individual schools are closed due to, for example; bad weather - for some of the rural schools or other unplanned events. Quite often the school authority will make an effort to let the parents know.

Detailed school terms and holidays dates for the year running can be found on the Ministry of Education website. A few schools that have a website will have this information displayed.

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