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Do you have a Fun, Favourite Ugandan Story?

my-Uganda.com is all about the Ugandan story - if you may! Reviews, interactive tales, memories, information, tips and more ...

There is a lot to share on this site about Uganda; views and perceptions - through different eyes. You might easily get into a debate of some sort ... by the way, have you seen my top 8 hotels in Kampala? go on and tell me what you think!

From whichever angle, I would love to hear your Ugandan story; something thrilling, exciting, a bit disappointing, recommendations, no go places, 'first time' episodes and more ...

OR do you just want to tell us about your Ugandan investment (restaurant, pub ...) - the exciting stuff you've got on offer (Use this free platform to send out the message)... Remember it should be exciting - simply sign your name, mention the name of the business and tell the story behind.

It's always nice to share especially if you have such wonderful Ugandan experiences. It could turn out to be quite handy information, travel tips and more to the other visitors.

Your Ugandan story could be essentially about;

  • Fabulous memories of your Ugandan vacation.
  • A Ugandan photo that captures your top magical moments.
  • Probably something about Ugandan recipes.
  • You could share a secret, cheap, nice Ugandan hotel or rave about your wonderful stay at this top five star hotel.
  • How about the cost of living in Kampala - how did you find it? it can be quite expensive if left unchecked.
  • ... And then the fun! there are certainly places you would love to visit again - if not already!
  • These are such special Ugandan stories; the shopping experiences, the walk abouts, tell us about your work and what you enjoyed ... ah! this could be quite endless.
  • I am right here waiting.

    ... Oh! And the interesting bit is, I will convert your generous tips and discoveries about Uganda into a Web page ...

    Share Your Ugandan Story here ...

    Do you have a great story about Uganda? those fond memories/experiences! - I would love to hear from you. Share it here! ... and let the other visitors read about your escapades, tips, information, ... anything about Uganda.

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