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Official Ugandan Time - For Your Travelling and Calling

Here you will find the my-Uganda.com Clock that gives you the the official Ugandan time. Feel free to synchronise your clock with this.

Official Time in Uganda.

This clock is synchronised with an official time server upon loading this page. After that, your browser manages the rest.

The clock is 99.9999% accurate based on the East African Time (EAT) ....but your computer clock may be playing games with the clock for a second or two!

Linking to this clock is a smart idea as more people would benefit from it. Simply link to; and bang! You are off and running on Ugandan time.

Que hora es? , Wieviel Uhr ist es? , Quelle heure est il? , Che ore sono? Like the saying goes- all these will 'sound like Greek' to majority of Ugandans.

Keep it simply in English; What time is it?.... and you will get away with it particularly in the cities and towns. Majority of the Ugandan in these places have been to school and speak English.

Check the language survival phrases for the different variations in the local languages.

Fun fact about time in Uganda;

Here is some thing you will be glad to know about Ugandan perception of time;

In most if not all the local languages and cultures, the night time is resting time, sleeping time, call it idle time!

Originally and traditionally there could be activities that were planned to take place at night say; hunting for special wild meats that would be caught at night - this would take a few strong men.

Nevertheless, for the majority it was resting time. This makes the day-light time precious because this is when most of the work is done.

The 24 hours of the day are carefully divided into 12 hours of day and 12 hours of night. Sunrise is about 6/6:30am and sunset is about 6:30/7pm - and this is more less the same all year round.

The first hour of the day therefore is 6am - 7am because this is when clearly day breaks and at 7am, one will say; it is 1 hour of the day gone. Following on, 12pm (noon) will be 6 hours of day time and 7pm will then be 1 hour of the night.

When you get to grasp it, it's all logical. And that will fill in a few other stereo types about time in Uganda.

Confused with this time thing already? No worries just pretend you have not read this bit!

Like I said, you should be fine with keeping it in English.

Not many Ugandans will attempt to explain why the literal perception of time.

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