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Ugandan TV - Entertainment & Information That Will Keep You Glued!

Ugandan TV has come a long way and it's nice to see its changing faces over the years. Its gone through an entire process of restructuring, rebuilding and reorganisation with new technology coming in every year - call it mutation! Through the hard times of Ugandan history - from having only one state funded channel then to a whole host of new brilliant channels that now exists. You will be spoilt for choice!

Uganda switched to digital broadcasting in August 2013, joining the worldwide streamlining of TV from analog to digital.

... And the beauty is; majority of the local channels are on free view. You will certainly have the very best of local entertainment and news. You will conversely have the other option of pay TV which will give you most of the international channels; CNN, BBC, Aljazeera, DW TV and more... But if you are staying in one of the luxury hotels in town, then very certainly you will have all as part of the package.

With Ugandan TV, you will have the rich programming you require - you need not to do much! All it takes is; buy your TV set and a free-to-air-set-top box ( a freeview box - if you wish), set your plug ins, do a bit of fine tuning and you're connected. And if you are in a good reception area, you should get very cristal clear pictures.

A freeview box should get you all the free channels ... but if you are looking at getting the extra channels that broadcast international sports, entertainment and news, pay TV that requires subscrition is the way to go.

You will find broadcasts that stimulate your senses - scenes you probably will not see on international channels that broaden your outlook of life and heighten your feeling of being part of the entire world. Uncensored Ugandan news and entertainment as it happens in its raw form but with a lot of sensitivity on what they broadcast.

And what a way to experience this beautiful country! Ugandan TV will take you by surprise. Feel free to tag your favourite shows; from interesting takes on society from those in the know to soaps (both local and foreign), news and more. Some of the local TVs switch to international channels at certain times for global news - you therefore will not miss a thing.

All said, lets get down to what you will find;

UBC (Uganda Broadcasting Corporation) is the official national Tele. Born in 1963 after Uganda's independence, UBC (then UTV) has seen it all, covering Uganda through the times - not forgetting that it's state funded and managed, it's gone through transformation over the years from broadcasting only programs of government interest to relatively free broadcasting but with semi-autonomous status.

It has been the image of Ugandan TV for along time, almost covering the entire nation - It certainly tells a lot about where TV in Uganda has been and with its educational and informative programs, it is undoubtedly so popular.

The country's open economy has allowed private investment and therefore commercial TV broadcasters. It is such open play that new TVs keep coming up. The notable ones are;

WBS TV; probably Uganda's largest private broadcaster (I know the close rivals will differ but that is for another time), provides a mix of both local and foreign programs. It flows with the trend of modern TV you will love; from news magazines, entertainment, comedy and sports. Want a taste of Ugandan music? Catch the 'late show' with Straka Mwezi - you will be thrilled!

NTV is ranked one of the fans favourite - perhaps best known for its independent news casts. Some news that you will probably not see on the government owned UBC. NTV has established itself as a house hold name with a blend of local and foreign news, soaps, comedies and sports magazines. It's got wonderful topical discussions on issues that affect society; politics, health, development and more...

BUKEDDE TV; is surely the new kid on the block that has taken Ugandan TV by storm - with its local news, talk shows, entertainment and sports; it has gradually won over a good viewership. Its educative programs have a direct touch with the day-to-day lives of ordinary Ugandans. Bukedde brings you what exactly goes on in the country side; chit-chat, gossip, talk shows and the now famous 'Agataliko nfuufu' news cast that covers the 'news behind the news' - quite fascinating stories to watch!

Its broadcast is in Luganda (a local language spoken in the central region and relatively else where in the country)

Light house TV (LTV) is a Christian, religious channel that provides spiritual inspirations with daily devotion, praise and worship. Catch the wonderful preachers every day with rich strong messages of the word of God.

DSTV is the ultimate choice for pay TV. It cost about $20 per month for the smallest package; the more TV you desire the more it will cost but they will certainly bring you every thing else that you will not find on the local channels from; F1, Big brother - Africa, to the English premiership and majority of the other major European football leagues, the NFL, tennis and more .

They will provide you with a dish and decoder to set up your satellite TV. They have quite good customer and after sales service, doing all the installation and fine tuning. Good reception and picture too.

The other channels to look out for are; NBS - for local news, entertainment, talk shows and sports, Record TV - entertainment and talk shows, Top TV - Christian and religious programs, East African TV - for news and entertainment across East Africa.

Ugandan TV will keep you glued; providing you with all the latest local and international news, celebrity gossip, Ugandan entertainment news, sport and more and even if you are on an extended trip through Uganda or on holiday, you will want to stay for the sake of it.

Enjoy this beautiful country while you stay informed and in touch with the rest of the world while watching Ugandan TV.

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