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My 8 Unique Hotels in Kampala - Check Them Out!

My 8 unique hotels in Kampala! - I thought choosing this shouldn't be a problem and indeed it isn't but the trouble is keeping it to 8. I am afraid I have got to say right from the start that this will be broken - no promises here!

Not different from Paris and London of this world, Kampala has got some of the finest to be proud of and by any standard these 8 or so hotels will leave their mark. The beauty; the surrounding, the layout and the type of rooms (not different from what you would find in Chicago or New York) is what makes them unique - the bonus is; they are crowned with a Uganda touch!

OK then, here we go with my 8 unique hotels in Kampala and with out following any order of merit;

Speke Resort and Conference Centre

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First on my mind is this Luxury resort . Right at the shoreline of Lake Victoria, it is the ideal place to chill out. It's got a thrill that will grub you and particularly about Uganda's beauty with a detailed touch of precision.

Its Olympic size swimming pool is a plus (try it if you think you are good enough to represent your nation). This resort simply graces the shore of the lake and for me, it's very much a top 10 in Africa. You probably wouldn't take your eyes off this one... and what a way to kick off these unique hotels.

If you choose to stay here, you will soon realise that your money was well spent.

It offers a range of facilities; A 5 star restaurant, excellent conference facilities, luxury cottages and the Speke equestrian Centre that will offer you a horse riding holiday including lessons if you wish which you could round off with a boat ride on Lake Victoria. Still looking for places for your honeymoon?

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Protea Hotel Kampala

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While you are still at Speke Resort, you can make your way to the Protea Hotel Kampala. Set in Kololo - an upscale suburb of Kampala, this 4 star hotel will gracefully give you 5 star services at no extra cost. 59 luxury rooms plus 11 lavish en-suites and a modern hi-tech gym will provide you with an amazing way to spend a night or two.

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Kampala Serena Hotel

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And then the hotel for Mother Nature lovers - if you like! Kept to the thyme of depicting Uganda's greenery and beauty, the Kampala Serena Hotel. Right in the heart of Kampala with an artistic impression that brings out Uganda's lakes and rivers, this 5 star hotel blends the African flair, social style and business consistency that will keep you coming back for more...

It has a rock sculptured pool deck and water falls with over 150 world class rooms that will guarantee your memorable stay in Uganda. A little pricey ... but believe you, me, you will love it here.

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Emin Pasha hotel - Kampala

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Finding its way into my 8 unique hotels is the Emin Pasha hotel - been there already? Yah right! You could be one of the 'been there done that' but wait a minute; this little cosy, with a rich ambience hotel will take you by surprise. It's got no attributes to the big chains and yet has a character of its own. Its Fez Brasserie and Wine bar is probably the finest to drink and eat in Kampala.Try it...

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Hotel le Petit Village

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With exactitude, this little paradise is a piece of class. Someone has called it the 'charming oasis'. This lovely family-friendly hotel is the perfect way to escape from the rush of Kampala. Lovely food too and the out door pool adds to the flair.

You will certainly see why I have it here!

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Sheraton Hotel Kampala

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With all there is on offer in Kampala, you might see a few eyebrows lifted on this one - Yes! In a sense that one will have to prove me wrong.

The Sheraton Hotel Kampala (a true house-hold name) certainly squeezes its way into my top 8 unique hotels. It's stood the taste of time! One will say it's passed its excitement days but wait a minute, you won't beat its location (right in the heart of Kampala) and just when you step in, it welcomes you with that ever relaxed ambience.

It's with in reach of the central business centre of the Capital and as a meeting point; it will give you the ideal atmosphere to crack that business deal.

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Lake Victoria Serena Resort

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This is probably my best; The Lake Victoria Serena Resort - right at the shoreline (am I just obsessed with the lake view? - hmm!). They say; 'it is styled to replicate the lines of a classically rustic roman villa'- and that's just a catch phrase! This luxury residential complex is magnificent. Lovely poolside and great service! ...

A bit of reservations on the roads that lead to the complex - they are in serious need of some TLC but don't let that kill the excitement, once you over come the bumpy roads, paradise will break loose ... and I mean loose!

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Grand Imperial Hotel

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And while you are pampered at the Serena Resort, you can make your way to Grand Imperial Hotel - its history stems way back to the colonial times as one of the first hotels to be built in Kampala. With over 100 elegant rooms, the grand imperial is right in the heart of the central business centre of Kampala. Look no further if you are looking at a stay for business - it's quite ideal.

A lot of it is in-door but quite cozy, very welcoming and with a good ambience. You will love it!

Check availability and prices today ...

Mosa Court Apartments

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Does that make my 8 unique hotels? Sorry there is just one more; ... and I have gone with Mosa Court Apartments - thought I should say something about this little paradise.

For business or pleasure and particularly if you are looking at a long stay - this is the ideal place which will save you a few £$s too. Its location is very central to the Capital.

Quite ideal if you are in town for 1/2 weeks of business expo, research, workshops and more ...

Check availability and prices today ...

... Did I say one more? This list will go on and on irresistibly ... last but not least, the Speke Hotel in Kampala. The Bar at the Rock Garden is certainly my best - you will love the ambience there. And talking about Kampala nightlife, if you are the kind that loves a bit of dancing, you can catch some music here at the weekends. Nice place to entertain your clients/visitors!

The Royal Suites, Kabira Country Club and Imperial Royale Hotel are worth a look at too ...That sums up my unique hotels, but remember ...

... My 8 unique hotels in Kampala are not cast in stone and a lot of things could have changed as I finish writing this. A lot of new hotels are also coming up. You will see lots of reviews and stories about these places and more here, make your choice - I trust for most of it, you will agree with me.

Go on and tell me what you think about my 8 unique hotels in Kampala - you could have a thing or 2 to share about your experience at these places or any other - any thing that you think will help the other visitors OR have you discovered Kampala's new paradise? Better still, tell us about your unique hotels in Uganda.

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