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Vacation in Uganda - Unique, Unforgettable Safari Experience.

For that unforgettable vacation in Uganda, nothing will beat a holiday to the heart of Africa. Uganda is so welcoming! I am not just trying to.... but the wonderful friendly people, the rich culture, the amazing tourist attractions, delicious natural organic food and the sunshine all year round will surely delight.

Referred to by many as the 'real Africa', it's easy to see why when you visit Uganda. The stunning scenery in many parts of the country will blow you away. I have always enjoyed the relaxing areas of Lake Bunyonyi (lovely place!) that make the Pearl of Africa a must-see country.

A vacation in Uganda will give you that unique safari experience. Amazingly you could easily shadow a troupe of chimpanzees and track mountain gorillas in a space of a few days, but also - for the bird lovers, watch over 1000 bird species, add the mighty Nile cruise and on Lake Victoria and trek the stunning Rwenzori mountains also known as the 'Mountains of the moon' .

Uganda has some of East Africa's unique most popular tourist attractions. There is much variety here, from the vibrant rich Ugandan culture to the spectacular national

Game Parks in Uganda that have been carefully gazetted to give you a wonderful collection and selection of wild game and flora.

Quick reminder!

Just don't go on your vacation in Uganda without your camera! You don't want to miss out on those kodak moments my dear!

Nature and animal lovers but also some thing for the children to do; A visit to the Entebbe Wildlife Education Centre commonly known as the Entebbe Zoo will make up for that wonderful day out. You will be surprised at the collection there.

For those that seek adventure; to try some thing daring - call it adrenaline rush!, The white water rafting on the Nile in Jinja and the bungee jumping will give you one of the best vacations in the world.

image placeholder Water rafting on the Nile

With so much to offer for an unforgettable vacation in Uganda, you will want to see and experience a bit of every thing. But how do you get to these places?

The good road infrastructure (save for a few roads that are in dear need of constant repair and maintenance) makes travelling in and around Uganda easy despite the distances involved being long for some places - but what is long if not for that unforgetable vacation in Uganda! You may even enjoy the ride as much as your destination.

image placeholder

If you were lucky with finding a cheap flight to Uganda, then go ahead and choose the right tour and travel agency to guide you through your expedition but better still- for the cheaper option, you could organise with a group of friends to visit some of these places - I guess this would greatly spice up your Ugandan holiday.

Be sure to do your immigration nitty-gritty's properly - I don't want you to get into problems with the authorities. Do thorough home work before you travel and get all the relevant information about the places and activities for your trip.

And then of course I know when you arrive, your next concern will be; where do I stay for the night? Be calm because Uganda offers an abundance of accommodation options.

Those who can afford to spend on the higher budget could look into one of the popular excellent hotels in and around Kampala and in the various major towns in Uganda. For those that are visiting the national parks, the Safari lodges are first class; you will feel pampered and re-energized after your vacation.

If you plan to stay in a Hotel for a few nights; Why not do a quick check here on the prices today;

Serena hotel in Kampala, Uganda Serena Hotel Kampala, Uganda

But if your budget won't stretch that far, no worries! There are also a myriad of budget accommodation available. Younger groups have traditionally sought out cheap youth hostels - they are the best way to see you through a budget tight vacation,.

Interestingly the hostels have worked for me wherever I have been because they are usually in a prime central location. If you have any international hostels membership, don't forget to bring your card with you - you could even get a further discount with some of these hostels here.

african hippos in lake mburo in Uganda Photo by; Sarahemcc

And then there is the holiday home option, where you can experience living like a local in a rented house or apartment, usually with a low price than a hotel especially if you are looking at a longer vacation in Uganda. Some of these have self-catering options. Have you checked out the Airbnb Holiday rentals? This is an option I discovered quite recently - lots of bargains! You will be pleased.

And finally for that vacation in Uganda filled with adventure especially for the chronic traveller - let's not forget about the Ugandan backpacker's campgrounds. You could save lots by camping out and enjoy the great Ugandan outdoors at the same time.


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