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We were thrilled! Bwindi did not disappoint.

by Andy Carr
(Dudley, UK)

I must confess that before this visit, I didn't know much about Uganda, let alone knowing that it is in Africa - forgive my poor geography! ...

Until I read an article in a magazine about Mountain Gorillas and the fact that very few where left in the world. For the 6/7 months that followed, me and my wife planned to go to Uganda to see these amazing creatures.

We were thrilled! It was such a worthwhile trip. It's hard to believe that Mountain Gorillas are endangered, there are only about 800 on the planet and 400 are in Bwindi national park.

Getting to see the gorillas up-close is a moving experience that I would wish anyone out there to do - and by the way only for about £500. The trip was filled with such anxiety and anticipation; the hike up the mountain was pretty easy as the paths are well looked after ... but only for the lower part of the mountain - probably to give you some false sense of security as you start your trek. Soon we found ourselves scrambling and twisting through dense shrubs up the steep terrain - not to worry you though, it's all good to go ... and the guides are always there to help and very friendly people. Also if you have a lot to carry, there are porters that can help you at a small fee - trust me, these came in handy!

After about 2 hours of trek, we found the Rushegura gorilla group. This is when it got exciting; the group were unbelievable, young kids were tirelessly playing, adults posing for cameras and at times looking straight at us as if to say 'come join us'. The silverbacks just seemed laid-back as they watched what was going on - I guess they are the overall commanders that give protection to the group.

Here is my TIP; Have a good camera that can capture both still and motion pictures as the gorillas are often active, playing about and on the move.

Believe me, this is one experience that is going to live with us for the rest of our lives - we are glad we did it. And for Uganda and its people, it's such a lovely country with friendly people and the green is so pronounced - truly the 'pearl of Africa' as someone called it.

Visited January 2014

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