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What things to bring – Any particular clothes?

by Nikki Keller
(Freiburg, German)

I am packing for my work / holiday in Uganda and have read that certain things are a must to bring with me. Any suggestions would be appreciated. I am travelling with suitcases only. Thanks, Nikki


Hi Nikki,

Things to bring are; the hard-to-find items here, or the would-be-expensive items here.

Hard-to-find would be any unique medications and in case of any underlying medical conditions make sure you contact your doctor before you travel and have enough prescription to see you through. I would highly recommend you take your anti-malarial prior to your travelling and bring your subsequent dose with you.

Foods! Yes, some of what you are used to will be hard to find here. And not to suggest that you’ve to bring lots with you, but probably little edibles that you might crave for like your favourite chocolate bar (throw in a few bars).

There are very few European and North American foods stores here and surely you will only find these in Kampala.

The would-be-expensive items are the small electronics – your laptop, iPad, iPod, ... etc.

Although there are bookstores here with majority of books in English, if you enjoy reading a lot, a Kindle or any other ebook reader would be handy.

If your iPhone is unlocked, bring that with you. Any other electronics that you use a lot, you should bring, as you may not find one here, and if you do, it will cost a lot more than it does in Germany or else, you will settle for a similar one from China.

... And I have got to remind you not to forget your camera – you don’t want to miss out on the wonderful Kodak moments!

Clothing can also be expensive here (depends on your preferences), and most of it comes from China. So bring as much as you can fit into your suitcases. And don't forget some sweaters, a jacket or two (not the so-thick winter ones; even in the hills of Kabale in the southwest of the country that most Ugandans will regard as cold, you should be OK), and rain gear of course.

Hope that helps.

at my-Uganda.com

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