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Work in Uganda is Fulfilling and Rewarding.

You could be considering work in Uganda. It is always a pleasure for; you are surrounded with wonderful people and incredible country scenery at your disposal while having the opportunity to make a good living.

And just to build on this, to give you a snap shot of Uganda's labour force. It's one of the largest in the sub-Saharan Africa. At almost 10 million workers, you've got to also remember that about 51% of the population is below the age of 14 (population; 34 million - 2011 est).

It is therefore difficult for the government with such limited resources to provide sufficient education and vocational training for the mass of Uganda's youth. The majority of Uganda's workforce is thus unskilled.

...Now while this is an opening for the skilled to find work in Uganda, it is worth noting that the government of Uganda has relentlessly been successful in bringing down the illiteracy figures (49% of the population over 15 years of age who were illiterate in 1985 had been reduced to 36 percent by 1997-9....and more has been done since).

More to the unskilled labour force has also been accentuated by the AIDS pandemic. See here for more demographic figures on Uganda.

Having said that,... you will find positions according to your skills - particularly if you speak good English. But even if your English is not that good, your skills should market you. There is a lot to choose from better still if you want to start your own business. The opportunities that Ugandan business offers are numerous.

Your ability in the field you are seeking to work in is, of course, a huge factor in getting hired. If you have no skills in the computer area, it would be wise not to apply for a job requiring these abilities. This goes without saying really!

Your language ability will surely come second if your skills are what the employer is looking for; if you are a genius at developing new engineering concepts, your ability at speaking English may not have that much importance.

Let's say you are relocating, there will be more involved than just finding the perfect job. You will have things to consider; your immigration status should be top of the list, where you will live and where the children will attend school. All these things will have an impact on the work you find.

If you are coming from out side Uganda, you will need to apply for a work permit; which shouldn't be time consuming. (Check with your employer on how to go about it or contact the Department of Immigration in the Ministry of Internal Affairs, Kampala for details)

Applying for a job to work in Uganda is the same universal process; You will need a well written resume with a cover letter however, employers use different formats these days so this might not be the same every where.

...And going about locating a job, you must use common sense and planning. Sometimes those looking for jobs in uganda over estimate their abilities and develop unrealistic expectations - I guess you are not like that! Study the job requirements and work out if you can indeed accomplish the task.

If you are a student looking for part-time employment, you will likely not need a work permit but I will still advise that you ask your employer when getting hired.

Like any where else in the world, your income from work in Uganda is taxed. It doesn't matter whether you are self employed, you will still be required to pay income tax. However, not all incomes are taxable; certain types of incomes are specifically exempt from taxation in Uganda. Find out from your employer but better still from the Uganda Revenue Authority (URA).

When you work in Uganda, the social security contribution is split between you and your employer. Many times your employer will contribute twice as much. This is not unusual but the same pretty much the world over. The same might apply to your health care costs; different employers offer different health care packages.

You will or might get time off at work on Ugandan Public holidays - this will very much depend on what your job is and your contractual obligations. You will still have your mandatory annual leave days to take though.

When searching for work in Uganda, you will find the regular classified ads in the papers, announced over the radio, job finding websites, and so on. You can also find a job by directly contacting the companies/ organisations that work in Uganda to find out if they have any job opportunities. Go about your search with a positive attitude and you will be hired quickly and happily.

More to finding work in Uganda - thought about Volunteering? This could be one area to explore. The opportunities are massive especially with the humanitarian organisations that work in Uganda. I guess with proper search, there should be something on the web for you. I know Voluntary Service Overseas (VSO) often recruits volunteers especially if you are in the health sector.

The opportunities that work offers are numerous and give you plenty of room to grow. This beautiful wonderful country can quite easily be the place where you achieve your dreams and fulfil your goals - honestly :-)

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